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Snow lance ECOSTICK

A truly Innovative system created by a very simple design provides the Nivis Ecostick lance with numerous advantages:
Energy costs savings of roughly 4kW per lance, which are needed with conventional air-water Lances (using compressed air)
Savings on acquisition costs for compressor units and installation costs for air lines
Cost savings on maintenance and repairs on compressor units and subsequent down time on snowmaking capabilities
Reduction of service efforts and costs due to the simple and static structure of the snowmaking System
Environmental friendly Ecostick and the ever growing concern of our "Carbon Footprint"
Due to the airless Nivis snowmaking-system a supplement with ECOSTICK-lances on existing snowmaking plants is easily possible (e.g. on fan gun plants without compressed air supply): Nivis snowmaking-system is compatible with any other plant
Possibility of use of many single-lances at limit temperatures instead of a few multi-stage lances, because the compressed air requirement, regardless of the number of lances, always remains Zero
Every increasing energy costs associated with snowmaking, with the Nivis Ecostick this is not a factor when structuring operating costs
Possibility of a zero-energy-snowmaking system when connected to a water pipe with internal pressure
The most efficient, sustainable and innovative way to make snow

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